Dragon’s Den Unlimited has been developing games and software since 1996.  We got our humble start creating BBS Door Game Mods for Legend of the Red Dragon 2.  Our highest rated Mod, The Battlefield, featured over 30 minutes of animation and an interactive immersive story unlike any see on an ASCII Based MMORPG.  Over the next few years we created custom software for small business and designed websites. 

In 2001 we decided to focus more on creating custom anime styled artwork.  We were fortunate to meet many fun and wonderful people along the way and create a number of characters for them.  We even had the opportunity to create the artwork for some of the most fun anime conventions on the east coast, Anime Mid Atlantic and Otakon!  The first two issues of our comic “Exido Crux” were featured in Otazine and a few conventions invited us to speak on Prismacolor Marker use.

For a short time were were active the DS Homebrew Scene while we worked on getting licensed by Nintendo.  Our first project “Satchmo Snowbash” got the attention of Publisher Majesco and we immeadiately went to work creating 4 demos and a design doc in just 2 weeks.  Soon after, they contacted us about creating a batch of games including a Sudoku DS Game for them.  Our first DS Game, Toon-Doku, was released April 2007.

So what is in store for the future?  We are continuing to make games, create characters, and write stories we hope you will fall in love with.  We charge forward with unlimited energy towards our next big breakthrough and hope you are right there beside us!

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