TF2 Map Design: StareDown Preview

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Okay, I’ve skipped a few steps here, but I need a little more time to put together a good Tutorial on how to do lighting.  Unfortunately I ended up brute force figuring out how to do it.  And do be quite honest I’m still working on it.  For now some quick tips. 

  • Light a small space with one light to see how it works
  • Play with the Lightmap Levels, they determine how much light bounces off a brush
  • The default Lightmap is 16, you will want to change this for stuff where shadows aren’t mega important, this will help decrease your map’s file size.
  • HDR Lighting is a pain and adds to your final file size
  • Colored lighting really helps set a mood
  • Focus your lights on the important stuff to help lead the player
  • Don’t forget to build your cubemaps in both HDR and LDR modes

With those tips out of the way, I am totally ready for the next major test of CTF_Staredown. is hosting a server if you’d like to pop on.  In TF2 search for either CTF_Staredown or “CTF_Staredown Server“.  All we need now is a few big games to identify any major remaining issues and see what crazy strategies you can come up with, then just  one more solid weekend to do a very final lighting and detail pass.

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