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Making games, drawing pictures, lacking sleep

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Work in Progress RyuaThis has been one crazy year.  With your help we’ve started to transition from a Art Studio to a real Video Game Studio.  The support of all you wonderful fans over the years has inspired and encouraged me to keep fighting and make things happen.  So what I want is to make this  spot a way to keep in better touch with all of you.  As I get deeper and deeper into engine programming I’m finding I have less and less time for things like AIM, or DA.  All those fun fun social networking activities just eat up all my time.  It’s kinda funny that now that all I do is video games I have less time then when I was in college and had 2 jobs!

 Which brings me to this space… The Dragon’s Den website is perpetually never where I want it for you.  Long time visitors of the page can attest that it started out kinda blog style with news and lots of pages.  Then (because it was annoying) Javascript heavy as I started automating things and removed the news in favor of an Oekaki Board.  Changed the gallery a few times, added and subtracted a diary until the whole bloated mess got deleted.  What I would like is to bring features to this site that you want.  There should be more stuff for you to play with.  Did you like the Oekaki Board?  Until I get a clear idea I’m going to write about things I’m programming, drawing, watching, or playing.  For now this should do.